Getting started

Originally, I was sure I was going to become a lawyer (see lengthy debate career in high school). But experiencing programs like Twitter #EarlyBird made me fall in love with the process of building software.

Changing the status quo

Diversity, equality, and inclusion in tech is incredibly important to me. When I started university, I was looking for a community for women in CS but couldn’t find one — so I built one. Launching WINC as a freshman was an incredibly rewarding experience and it warms my heart to see this space continue to grow with each incoming class.

My work on WINC also extended beyond the club itself. In 2021, I raised 1.5 million dollars from the Gates Foundation for my engineering school to support female CS students.

Shipped some things

During my sophomore year, I took the spring quarter off to work on Tesla’s Residential Energy Products team, where I worked on the front-end on the mobile app for the power wall and grid energy ecosystem. In the summer, I was at Microsoft on the Azure Kubernetes Service team, where I worked on integrating WebAssembly System Interface with AKS.

Lifelong learner

During the summer after my freshmen year, I worked with an early-stage startup democratizing investments for the college audience. There, I wore many hats and ramped up quickly as a mix of an engineer, designer, and researcher. I learned how to sketch prototypes, code in React, and betting stocks. With WINC, I had to code a site in a weekend with Gatsby, build a social media following, and bring on sponsors to fund the club. Right now, I’m reading up on web3, digital minimalism, and why fashion trends come back every twenty years. Also learning how to make pasta from scratch!

Alternative use cases

I love using products + services for random things. I try to be as sustainable as I can be. Here are some examples: Figma for birthday cards, Glossier’s packaging as pencil cases and storage for extra wires/chargers, and my 21oz Hydroflask as a weight.


I grew up near Sydney, Australia and the Bay Area. If you know where I can find good lamingtons please lmk!